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“Once-in-two-lifetimes Ingredients”--NMN or NR?


 Once-in-two-lifetimes Ingredients--NMN or NR? 



Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) has been very popular in the supplement industry especially Niagen that is produced by Chromdex. But a supplement company called Elysium Health, whose advertisements commonly pop up in social media fields and in science-related publications. They just released one product named Basis whose formulation is NR & Pterostilbene. Meanwhile, NR also becomes more and more popular as the lawsuit between Chromdex and Elysium Health goes into deadlock . If you have more interest in the progress of this lawsuit, you can do an internet search on that. But today, Effepharm Ltd can give one better choice to end up this endless battle.


Whats NMN?


As one ingredients manufacturer, we do think its unwise to let ourselves be involved in this kind of lawsuit. Why not choose NMN ("NMN" and "β-NMN")? Whats the NMN? It is one nucleotide derived from ribose and nicotinamide. Like nicotinamide riboside, NMN is a derivative of niacin, and humans have enzymes that can use NMN to generate nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH).


Also it was able to mitigate most age-associated physiological declines in mice Treatment of old mice with NMN reversed all of these biochemical aspects of aging.


NMN has been shown to be effective in research with mice in combatting nearly all age related disease such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, heart disease diabetes, cancer, and more. Dietary supplement companies have aggressively marketed NMN products claiming those benefits.



How NMN might work?

Thats one great finding, published March 22 in Cell, which identifies the key cellular mechanisms behind vascular aging and the key role NMN plays on muscle health.


Before, people range from common people to paramount and powerful men are struggling to get chance to rejuvenate.As we age, our tiniest blood vessels wither and die, causing reduced blood flow and compromises oxygenation of organs and tissues. Vascular aging is responsible for a myriad of disorders, such as cardiac and neurological conditions, muscle loss, impaired wound healing and overall frailty. So NMN has one dramatic function on repairing old  vascular and promoting new blood vessels proliferation.  


NMN is found in certain foods and effectively stimulates NAD+ metabolism, a coenzyme the mitochondria depend on to fuel all basic functions within cells. One function of NAD+ is to facilitate communication between the cell nucleus and the mitochondria that power all activity in our cells.



NR VS NMN: Great but not as great

We all know that Chromadex recently published a page about the difference between NMN and NR. Published data shows NR is one safer and more efficient ingredient of increasing NAD levels than NMN.


But some research proofs are as follows:



 We have them in animal models. And the evidence is clear that NMN has been shown to be effective in research with mice in combatting nearly all age related disease such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, heart disease diabetes, cancer, and more.


To start, giving an example, here are some quotes from research with the most dramatic anti-aging results.


       After 6 days of NMN, 22 month old mice had the muscle capacity, endurance and metabolism of 6 month old  mice (2013 Sinclair)

       NMN effectively mitigates age-associated physiological decline in mice (2016 Mills)

      “NAD+ and SIRT1 levels were HIGHER in OLD Mice than in YOUNG Mice that did not receive NMN.” (Hao, 2017)

     “The old mice became as fit and strong as young mice” (Sinclair, 2018)



To be more specific, there are many clues to verify the fact that NMN is more effective than NR.



1. Outstanding NAD+ BOOSTS


NMN is found in certain foods and effectively stimulates NAD+ metabolism, a coenzyme the mitochondria depend on to fuel all basic functions within cells.



One function of NAD+ is to facilitate communication between the cell nucleus and the mitochondria that power all activity in our cells, especially some specific aspects:(1) Aging (2) DNA Repair (3) Endurance (4) Neurological Function (5) Basic Organ Function  



2. Obvious Cardiac Function



Surprisingly NMN has great effect on treatment of one heart disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia. But NR has not. The below quotes of results from some studies can reveal that:



“Remarkably, NMN administered to FXN-KO mice restores cardiac function to near-normal levels. “(Martin, 2017)


“In conclusion, NAD+ supplementation with NR in the FRDA model of mitochondrial heart disease does not alter SIRT3 activity or improve cardiac function.”(Stram, 2017)



3. Preventive way to Alizheimeres Disease and Getting Relief



Alzheimers disease (AD) pathogenesis is widely believed to be driven by the production and deposition of the β-amyloid peptide (Aβ). Evidence now indicates that the solubility of Aβ, and the quantity of Aβ in different pools is related to disease state (r).Researchers believe that flaws in the processes governing production, accumulation or disposal of beta-amyloid are the primary cause of Alzheimers (r). In studies published in 2017 and 2018 NMN decreased β-amyloid buildup, while NR did not.



Generally speaking, NMN and NR are also effective on the aspects of anti-aging and keep health. But NMN has better effects than NR.

NMN must be one star product in the near future.  As the manufacturer of the raw material of NMN and NR, I believe that Effepharm is one supplier with higher-quality, less-expensive NMN and NR. Let EffePharm become your most reliable raw material supplier.


Why choose Effepharm Ltd?

(1) High quality

(2) Competitive price

(3) Professional logistics

(4) First-class service 


Why choose Effepharm NMN?


 (1) High purity and quality

Recently our company are doing the content detection of NMN and will have some documents for customers reference.



   (2) Stability Test


Below is the chart of finished product stability test data:


Firstly, we can see that in the first month the appearance still keep the original white powder, during the second and third month, the appearance have a little difference from White Powder to off-white powder. Secondly, the clarify of solution are always kept during the test. Thirdly, the moisture content data float up and down at a maximum of 0.15%, and far less than 6%. Finally, during the three months testing, the assay data remain between 95% and 100%.


To sum up, our NMN have a great stability.




(3) Factory price

The NMN of our company are first produced with small quantities in the laboratory,  and then processed by our cooperated factory in large quantities.That's why we can propose such competitive price to our customers. We can well control the quality and price.




(4)R&D ability:


Our R&D team is composed of experienced postdoctors,doctors and masters comes from Max Planck of German, GSK of United States and so on. Our core R&D members published several papers with the first author in the top journals of pharmaceutical chemistry like Science, JACS, and Angew. Chem.

So our R&D team can continually develop new ingredients and make the ingredients with high bioavilability. Our NMN must be your better choice.




Below are some analysis data: