Release source: Release date:October 27, 2020

Asiaceutical Summit & Expo 2020 took place in Guangzhou from October 21st to 23rd. This conference was hosted by the Herbridge, which gathered the experts in foods, beverage and health care industry. Experts provided cutting edge perspectives under the circumstances of coronavirus, 5G technology commercialization, and new form of the natural health industry. Other industry-leading companies also participated in this conference, such as Byhealth, Wahaha, and Effepharm.Ltd.

This expo aims to encourage brand innovation and development, share new perspectives on food and drug technology, open up new ideas for research and development, and find the capital investment for future unicorn companies. 

During the prize-award ceremony, Effepharm stood out and won the “New Power” Innovation Award voting by new health product raw material evaluation experts, R&D department, and capital side.

Chief regulatory officer of Effepharm, Hank Huang, delivered a speech on UTHEVER®NMN “Longevity medicine” at the expo.

Staying young and keeping energetic have always been the top hottest topics among scientific and healthcare communities. It is also the proposition which the medical industry always desires to conquer. Effepharm has been dedicated to research and develop NMN’s function of anti-aging and antioxidant since 2016. In virtue of the cooperation’s unique conveying system platform IDS®, and world-class R&D technical support, Effepharm has successfully created our own brand UTHEVER® and became the worldly biggest NMN manufacturer, which took up about 70% of the market share.

The technological breakthrough of Effepharm successfully improved the original NMN extraction process and developed NMN raw material which is high-density, stable and convenient to produce and process. The improvement of technology has also greatly increased production capacity. Effepharm has become the only NMN raw material manufactures that is available to produce more than 5 tons in a month, which means a leap in production capacity.

 Effepharm had finished various researches on safety and efficiency and cooperated with many domestic or foreign pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmaceutical research institutes for a long time to develop and apply NMN in the pharmaceutical field, such as cancer adjuvant drugs and other disease treatment projects. At the same time, Effepharm, so far, has and would continue to fund the research on the anti-aging of human health at Fudan University, Sichuan University, and Tianjin Medical University, providing multi-dimensional innovative ideas for human health development.