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EffePharm to Launch UthPeak™ at SupplySide West 2023

New member of the “Uth series” – EffePharm’s flagship NAD+ booster line

SHANGHAI, China—Industry leading biotech company EffePharm will unveil its Next-Gen NAD+ Booster, UthPeak™, at booth #4965 during the SupplySide West 2023 from October 25 to 26 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.


At booth #4965, EffePharm will showcase the “Uth series,” featuring groundbreaking anti-aging ingredients, including UthPeak™ NMNH, Uthever® NMN, and Uthever® Lipo liposomal NMN. Additionally, the frontier anti-aging ingredients range, which includes ApiAge™ apigenin and SuperMide™ Spermidine. Furthermore, the company will unveil the Effe-IDS, the advanced active ingredient delivery system utilizing LipoAvail™ liposomal technology, EncapCirc™ microencapsulation technology, and CelleSperse™ micelles technology.


SupplySide West 2023 is renowned for bringing together the brightest minds and top companies in the nutraceutical industry. EffePharm’s new initiative at SupplySide West 2023 aims to assist nutrition and health companies in developing user-friendly products with clinically-based concepts, and health solutions powered by advanced nutrient delivery methods to address the unmet health needs of individuals across all age groups.


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UthPeak™: The Next-Gen Super NAD+ Enhancer

UthPeak™ is a patent-pending crystalline NMNH, a reduced form of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

“We firmly believe that UthPeak™ NMNH has the potential to become the next star NAD+ booster. We have observed substantial promise through laboratory animal models and we are conducting preclinical and clinical studies to validate its efficacy in supporting a wide range of health benefits in humans.” said Dr. Jianjun YU, director of the R&D department at EffePharm. “The launch of UthPeak™ marks the latest and most potent addition to the ‘Uth-series,’ our flagship NAD+ booster line. The global success of our NMN brand, Uthever®, has demonstrated that our efforts can profoundly impact consumers’ lives. We are committed to unlocking healthy aging through clinically backed evidence and creating value for our end users through UthPeak™ and Uthever®.”


The “Uth” series


Launch of Effe-IDS (Ingredient Delivery System) Platform

EffePharm is proud to introduce Effe-IDS at Supply Side West 2023. Effe-IDS is EffePharm’s advanced ingredient delivery system designed to unlock the potential of numerous active ingredients. Through delivery technologies such as LipoAvail™, EncapCirc™, and CelleSperse™, Effe-IDS enhances ingredients’ bioavailability and functionality, achieving optimized health for all.

As another newcomer of the “Uth series” family, Uthever® Lipo is the bioavailability-enhanced version of Uthever®, fortified by Effe-IDS’s LipoAvail® liposomal technology. Uthever® Lipo proudly stands as the sole lab-validated liposomal NMN product available, boasting an impressive 5.9-fold increase in NAD+ levels.


EffePharm cordially invites all attendees to visit booth #4965 to enter the era of super NAD+ boosters with UthPeak™ and explore the latest anti-aging innovations.


About EffePharm:

Established in 2017, EffePharm is a biotechnology company specializing in providing advanced wellness solutions to its global users. EffePharm is grounded in the belief that everyone should have equal access to health and nutrition. The company is a staunch advocate for innovative bioscience applications, enhancing the accessibility of nutrition, and improving the overall quality of life. Through its “Uth series,” featuring products like Uthever® and UthPeak™, which constitute the company’s flagship NAD+ booster line, EffePharm actively pursues the key to unlocking youthfulness through clinically backed evidence. EffePharm has cultivated a portfolio of over 600 global business partners, thereby benefiting millions of consumers on their journeys toward improved health and nutrition.




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