Release source: Release date:November 10, 2023

SHANGHAI, China—EffePharm, the trailblazing biotech company, takes a moment to appreciate the incredible journey experienced at SupplySide West 2023, held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The event marked the introduction of UthPeak™, a captivating newcomer to the “Uth” series, EffePharm’s esteemed flagship NAD+ booster line.

The atmosphere at the EffePharm booth was nothing short of lively, with visitors and clients expressing genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for EffePharm’s latest anti-aging innovations. UthPeak™, a patent-pending crystalline NMNH, emerged as a focal point, promising to be the next star in the realm of NAD+ boosters. 

EffePharm is conducting research and development around the twelve hallmarks of aging, including Uthever® NMN, Uthever® Lipo liposomal NMN, ApiAge™ apigenin, and SuperMide™ Spermidine. The engaging discussions and shared excitement underscored EffePharm’s commitment to creating wellness solutions grounded in clinical evidence.


Effe-IDS (Ingredient Delivery System), introduced during the event, offered a glimpse into the company’s dedication to advancing active ingredient delivery. The system’s use of innovative technologies such as LipoAvail™, EncapCirc™, and CelleSperse™ hinted at a future where bioavailability and functionality are seamlessly optimized.


SupplySide West 2023 served as a platform for EffePharm to connect with industry professionals and enthusiasts, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and shared exploration. EffePharm is grateful for the warm reception and the opportunity to share its mission of addressing unmet health needs across all age groups. 






About EffePharm:

Established in 2017, EffePharm is a biotechnology company specializing in providing advanced wellness solutions to its global users. EffePharm is grounded in the belief that everyone should have equal access to health and nutrition. The company is a staunch advocate for innovative bioscience applications, enhancing the accessibility of nutrition, and improving the overall quality of life. Through its “Uth series,” featuring products like Uthever® and UthPeak™, which constitute the company’s flagship NAD+ booster line, EffePharm actively pursues the key to unlocking youthfulness through clinically backed evidence. EffePharm has cultivated a portfolio of over 600 global business partners, thereby benefiting millions of consumers on their journeys toward improved health and nutrition.


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