Release source: Release date:8月 11, 2020

On 7th May, 2019, Sales team at Effepharm came to vitafoods with latest products and new technology.

Booth Position:Sliver Area  No. N189

  • NMN- Popular NAD+ Precursors
  • CBD- This ingredient is very popular in many Europe countries. Effepharm’s R&D has scheduled to devote more efforts into this ingredient development. That would be one outbreaking ingredient in supplement industry.

At Vitafoods, we also showcased our IDS, many audiences have plenty of interests into this as they also bring the problems of their own products such as low bioavailability, poor taste… Our IDS aka Ingredients Delivery System Platform, is engineered technology for the targeted delivery higher bioavailability and/or controlled release of ingredients to achieve a nutraceutical effect in humans or animals, which can solve problems of our customers and custom ingredients for them.

We met many old friends from all around the world and attracted more customers to cooperate with us based on new ingredient and innovative technologies.